This year's Grand Festival will be held at The Star Theatre.

The key venue of The Star Performing Arts Centre, The Star Theatre is fitted with high-end audio, video and production lighting systems for an exceptional audio-visual experience.

Featuring a traditional horseshoe shape, this auditorium offers custom-designed seating, including stalls and two circle levels. The last row of seats at the upper circle level is just 56 metres from the stage, creating an intimate ambience for this grand 5,000-seat venue.
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This year's Music & Dance Festival will be held at the University Cultural Centre

The Theatre is constructed to host a wide range of performances. Designed as a simple courtyard with 3 tiers of side galleries

With the seats retracted, the stalls can be readily adapted to a flat floor so that the auditorium and stage sit on the same plane making it a flat space. .
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MADDspace Singapore

This year's Under-21 Solo and Group, and Under-13 Solo Festival Auditions will be held at MADDspace Singapore. Conveniently located at Orchard Road, MADDspace is a boutique studio offering Music, Art, Drama & Dance classes for all ages.
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